An Open Letter to the Christian Individual

By Abigail Schultz

Cody’s input: There is a trend that is sweeping across social media like a camel to water. “Open letters” allow people to share their thoughts and feelings to strangely specific types of friends or family, without all the pesky doing it yourself part. After all when writing a letter to someone who is close enough to be the focus of one, the worst part is making it personal to them or you.

Do you ever wonder if during the American Civil War, if soldiers saw others writing home and asked, “Hey friend, can you also put near the top that it’s for my wife too? Thanks!” Arguably there aren’t many dangers of this trend, but in thinking of terms of having a relationship with Christ there is no relationship if it isn’t personal and sincere. Abigail Schultz has seen this firsthand and has written a letter of her own.

Lately it seems that the new trend on Facebook has been to share “Open Letters” to friends and family. I believe I have seen just about every title imaginable… “Open Letter to My Ex,” “Open Letter to My Best Friend,” “Open Letter to My Toaster.”  There really is just no end to the amount of these articles that are floating around. You may be wondering why I am even bringing this up…I mean after all, what could this possibly be hurting? Well the truth is, nothing. I am sure that these open letters have brought smiles, tears, and even laughter to the lives of many. Actually I know this for a fact, because I have been one of them. Therefore, the problem is not with the letter itself, it is with the concept that lies behind it.

How many times have we shared one of these letters while quietly saying to ourselves, “I couldn’t have said it any better myself!” As Christians we tend to do the same thing. Continue reading