What Is Your Jericho?


For 40 years, the Israelites wandered in the wilderness. Then they made it to Jericho. This wasn’t what God actually promised to THEM specifically. God promised Jericho to the generation before those who made it. This was a new generation, but it was the same promise from the same God.

Have you ever heard people talk about those praying grandmas from church? There are those spirit filled praying grandmas that change lives, even when we don’t know it. People have been praying for you since before you knew it. People are praying for you now, and you don’t know it. Your life is changing, because somebody has been praying for you. You may even be reading this right now, because someone prayed that this very message would speak to your heart.

Just as those grandma prayers are answered in time and just as the Israelites made it to Jericho in time, your prayers will be answered and God’s promise will be kept.

But here’s the problem: most of us don’t know what we’re praying for. The Israelites prayed for the Promised Land and they received it. What is your Jericho? What is the dream in your heart? What is the goal in your life? What is it that you want in your life that only God can do for you? That is your Jericho. Something that seems so far away and impossible, but God can give it to you. God can’t be intimidated by your dreams. He’s the one who put them in your heart in the first place, so do not fear.

God wants you to voice your wants to Him. This is not because He doesn’t know what you want, but because He wants YOU to know what you want. In Luke 18, Jesus was coming to – you guessed it – Jericho. Outside of the walls sat a blind man who called out to Jesus. This man was blind and it was pretty obvious what he needed, but in verse 41 Jesus asked him “What do you want me to do for you?” We need to make ourselves clear not only to God, but to ourselves when we pray. The blind man said he wanted to see, and Jesus healed him and gave him sight.

Are you voicing your needs? Are you walking circles around your Jericho? Are you praying about your wants, needs, and dreams? This takes time and prayer. Remember, they circled Jericho for 7 days without talking. This took time and obedience, but God gave them their promise and miracle.

It’s okay to dream. It’s good to dream. It’s good to circle those dreams and goals for your life in prayer. Pray with your whole heart; it is never something you will regret. God will ALWAYS answer your prayers. It may not always be the answer you want, but when you’re in such deep prayer with God, you only want what He wants for you anyway.

Keep dreaming and keep praying. Those walls will come down. It’s a promise from God, and God never breaks a promise.

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