Hidden Within

people-feet-train-travellingBy Brandon Upton

As I sit here at Palace Coffee, I am reflecting on my story and how I came to Christian leadership. Growing up, I knew that I had no intention of being the center of attention for anything. I avoided it like the plague! This mindset began to unwind, and morph into something worthwhile. I began to serve in children’s ministry at my home church, and began to question where God was leading me in the realm of leadership. I continued to serve in the children’s ministry for a while longer, and then God lead me to Ceta Canyon Camp and Retreat Center. This place holds a special place in my heart, as this place was where I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

My prayer life took root here, and the seed was planted for mentoring. I began to see the importance of mentoring and the power of prayer. I remember coming back every summer in awe of what God was doing. Transitioning forward, I started at West Texas A & M University in August of 2008. I went in excited and ready to get involved with the WT Wesley Foundation. I started to really take ownership of my faith, and really learned the importance of sitting in the presence of God. I served in a variety of different positions: Intern, Event Team Leader, Drama Team Leader, FNT Leader etc.

In my second year at WT, Beau Niewoehner approached me. Looking inward, Beau Niewoehner saw something in me that I didn’t see at the time. He saw potential.  He approached me and said “your relationship with God is authentic, and you have potential to really make strides in the kingdom”. I thank God for Beau every chance that I get. In my times with Beau, we journeyed together through many different leadership texts and through some books of the bible. My potential began to be realized, and we went further faster because of my mentor Beau. I began to mentor a couple of guys, and began to actively practice spiritual disciplines. I found out quickly that mentoring is the most rewarding, and the most challenging, thing you can ever do. Beau was obedient to where the Spirit was leading, and took that leap of faith.

Have you ever had that feeling that you were meant for something more? Have you ever taken the plunge, and served in some type of leadership? Do you possess the willingness to learn? I want to challenge you to continue to seek the Lord, and continue to pray. I promise you that Christ will lead someone to you!

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