Hi, my name is Abigail Grace.

Hey y’all – I’m Abigail Grace Miller.

I’m a twenty-three year old seventh grade English teacher in a small rural town in West Texas.

When I’m not teaching, eating or sleeping (which is all I do anymore, or so it seems), I enjoy running/working out, reading, and binge watching tv.

Last but certainly not least of all, I have an amazing family and boyfriend and group of friends, all of whom are extremely supportive of my Christian walk.

Now, for the more important things…

I couldn’t have been more caught of guard when I was approached to write for Christian of Today. I’ve been blogging for approximately seven years now on my own personal blog, but to be asked to write for a blog that means so much more than just my life – well, it’s truly a honor.

My intent for blogging with Christian of Today is to write about topics that are important and relavent to me – aspects of Christian life I struggle with (because who doesn’t?), moments where I see God working in everyday life, bible studies, book studies (I already have a really good one in mind that I’m currently hooked on), etc…

My intentions aren’t out of selfishness, but out of realization that I’m the worst sinner I know and what better way to share my own ups and downs of my Christian walk with other sinners?  My hope and prayer is that through Christian of Today, we are able to stick together through this crazy thing we know and love as life.

 P.S. If there are specific questions answered or topics you’d like to see covered, please share those with us. There’s not guarantee that I’ll feel adequate to cover every topic suggested, but I’ll do my best.



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