My Worship of Jesus Took Me to Asia

By B. Williams

If anyone has ever said that being a follower of Jesus was boring, I don’t believe they know the Jesus that I know.

Through following Him, I have experienced that in Him are my greatest joys, passions come to life, repairing of my brokenness, miracles, and everything I’ve ever wanted.

If there is anything that I can say I learned in the year of 2015 it is that every good and perfect thing is Christ Himself. My pursuit of Him, this semester, took me to South Asia. Surrounded by millions of not-yet believers, I have never experienced Christ more. The more I shared with people, the more humbled I became. I met people who Continue reading

The Final Goodbye

By Lindsey Eggleston

Today I woke up knowing that I was going to have to say a final goodbye.

The physical response to this grief was immediate. My eyes filled with tears, my heart felt constricted, and my stomach was weighed down as if full of lead. Sadly this is not an unfamiliar feeling but that doesn’t mean I’ve become numb to it. It’s the same feeling I’ve been carrying since four days ago when I got the phone call saying my husband’s grandmother, and the woman who raised him, had collapsed and been rushed to the ER.

Christ will carry me through.

Nan is one of the kindest and most wonderful people I have ever met. She married her high school sweetheart at the age of 15 during a school lunch break and are still Continue reading


By Cody Daugherty

There is a reason so many Christians today keep journals. When writing, we get the chance to actually see our words in front of us. We can see them come to live. If we read scripture while journaling, we have whatever lesson we learned go through us twice. So why don’t we pray through writing as well? Continue reading

The Wait

By Hope Wentz

Pulling Over
Pauses in life are necessary. We hate to wait, but the wait can be lifesaving and life-giving. As I drove home from my Christmas tour of the Midwest (hehe), I reached a place during my drive where I had no visibility of the road. It was raining and hailing, the wipers were on high and I still could not see the road. I was praying hard, slowing down, while others sped ahead. I saw a person in front of me pull off to the side of the road and thought, “Good idea bro, we are in this together!” So I also pulled over. While the rain and hail pounded over my car, there was a peace in knowing that in this moment of the journey, it was best to just sit it out, breathe, and wait. It was foolish to try to keep going towards the destination if my safety and other’s safety would be compromised. Waiting is not exactly a natural response to stressful situations for that matter… But when we press into the waiting, we are returned with a deep peace.

Speeding Ahead
I still remember the day about 6 years ago when I refused to wait. Continue reading