What Do I Know of Him?

By B. Williams

In 2008, Addison Road wrote a song called “What Do I Know of Holy?”. It has been 7 years and I can’t believe I’m just now hearing this completely underrated song. If you haven’t ever listened to it, stop what you are doing at this very second and listen to it.

Addison Road- What do I Know of Holy?

Amazing, right?

Just a few short months ago, when I first heard this song, it became my heartbeat. For any other 20 something in this millennial generation who has been raised in church their entire life- this song should be your heartbeat as well.

“I guess I thought that I had figure you out

I knew all the stories, and I learned to talk about

How you were mighty to save

But those were only empty words on a page

Then I caught a glimpse of who you might be

The slightest hint of you

Brought me down to my knees”

I grew up in this “wear your purity ring, don’t drink, don’t have sex, be a morally good person and that is where you will find your relationship with the Lord.”

I learned how to lead worship, how to share the gospel, I had memorized all the Sunday school stories by heart.

In that, I figured I was good enough for Christ, and I went to enough church events- so now I was good enough to be a Christian.

I learned a word for that sort of theology just recently.

Can anyone say “legalism”?

I literally cannot do enough good deeds to get to Christ.

Chasing after these morally correct lifestyles has only left me feeling empty, and probably farther away from Christ than any not-yet believer you talk to.

I didn’t understand that in following Christ, He wouldn’t try to make sure I could fulfill the law to get close to Him. I didn’t understand that Christ came and fulfilled the law Himself, because we cannot reach it.

After dying on the cross, the veil between us and the tent of Most Holy was torn. His Spirit can now dwell in me.

I can be made holy because He who is holy now dwells IN ME.

And if He is holy enough to bring me to Himself, He is holy enough to keep me close to him.

Not only that, but no one told me that He cares about the smallest details of my heart. That this majestic and radiant Jesus, who sits at the right hand throne of God, came to live in me.

He wants to sit and eat with me, to commune with me.

To know me.

To be my friend, my passions, the lover of my soul, the joy that exceeds all circumstances, a good Father, and a safe place.

This changes EVERYTHING.

Not only can I trust Him to save me from sins, to conquer the consequences of my sins (death), and to bring lost people to Himself.

But I can trust Him with my relationships, my finances, my fears, my hurts, my passions, my anxieties.

He will not take me to anything that is not bringing me closer to Himself.

There was a time in my life where everything in my world failed me.

My circumstances had no more earthly hope to lean on- even though I followed all the rules.

There is where the Lord became my every thing.

Not the rules that I had followed and stuck close to- just Jesus himself.

I have tasted the sweetest of fellowships with Him in that.

Having tasted this I can fully surrender my life, day by day, to wherever the Lord is taking me.

Joy in His fellowship has and always will exceed my circumstances.

Jesus told his disciples after he had just got done performing miraculous wonders right before their eyes that, “You will see even greater things than this.”

We’re living in the “greater than this”.

We can each have the spirit of Jesus IN us.

We have more access to scripture and to worship than anyone in this world has ever had.

We have access to the nations right at our front door.

When we’ve fully tasted the gospel for what it truly is,

When we’ve allowed this to transform our lives, our hearts, our desires- It will change the way we share about Him.

The stories we all know ABOUT Him-will become us KNOWING Him and His character.

It will change the way we love Him and the people around us.

“What do I know of You?

Who spoke me into motion.

Where have I even stood, but the shore along Your oceans

Are you fire, are you fury?

Are you sacred are you beautiful?

What do I know? What do I know of holy?”

What could I possibly know of Holy?

I plan to spend the rest of my days seeking to know Him more.

B. Williams